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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in well construction?

What is the architecture of a well?

How is the price of a well determined?

What are the steps in well construction?

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Well Drilling Process
  • Obtain permit from county or city
  • Level a spot for drilling
  • Dig a circulating pit for cuttings
  • Place drill rig and other equipment on site
  • Fill circulating pit with water
  • Drill bore hole to proposed depth
  • Analyze stratas for water bearing formations
  • Advise customer of findings
  • Decide if formations warrant casing of the well
  • Approval by customer to finish well
  • Case the well
  • Place filter pack between bore hole and casing within 50 ft. of top of well
  • Clean well by air development
  • Cement well off for sanitary seal (top 50 ft. of well)
  • We recommend companies for pump installation

What is the architecture of a well?

After the bore hole is drilled, casing is placed down its center. The bottom lengths of casing are perforated and screened to allow the water to flow inside them. Birds-eye gravel is packed around the casing to a level of 50 feet from ground level. The top 50 feet are filled with cement to seal the well from surface contaminants.
  Diagram of a Well

How is the price of a well determined?

The price of a well is determined by a number of factors: the geographical area, the expected well depth, and the geological study. Some areas contain strata with bedrock which requires more drilling time and drill bits. Other areas may have strata with little or no water sources making the needed depth much greater. Pricing of the well is done with the customer at the well site. The price is calculated by the following formula.

price = ( price per foot ) x ( depth of well )

Our prices do not include the price of the pump, pump installation and wiring.

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